Hey there! I'm Delight!

All this marketing shiz started when...
I had been running my spiritual business for about two years. I created a couple of courses about Oracle cards and Archangels and used Facebook ads to launch them. And it worked!

But then things shifted. I hit a wall and felt frustrated with my work and my business. So, I took a few days off and came up with a new idea.

I thought about what I'm really good at in my business. And I realized...Facebook ads! In 2016, I launched my Angel course and used Facebook ads to grow my list by 888 subscribers in 1 month! (And I spent $444, it's all about the angel numbers.)

I thought about the spiritual and wellness entrepreneurs I know who are doing awesome, healing work. But many struggle to get themselves out there and really be visible.

I realized that I could use my expertise to run Facebook ads for other businesses and light up Facebook! It's a win-win-win for you, me and the Universe!

So, if you're going to hire someone to help with your marketing, why hire a muggle who doesn't understand what you do? Why not work with me because I get this niche and I can use my intuition to help you find your tribe.

Want to know more about how I can help you light up Facebook with your business?


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