Launch Ads Strategy Session

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Got a big launch coming up? I can help you make the most of it with some strategic Facebook ads!
Don’t waste any more money messing around with your Facebook ads. If you’re serious about growing your business and maximizing your impact, then you’re ready for a launch strategy session.
I will help you get crystal clear on your timeline, budget and strategy for your launch ads. No more overwhelm or wasted money. 

"I tried Facebook ads and they didn't work."

I hear this ALL the time.

Maybe you've said it yourself.

But, you're here on this page for a reason. So, obviously you haven't totally give up on Facebook ads.

You've learned what doesn't work. And now it's time to discover what does work.

In my experience, people feel that their ads don't work because they are missing 4 key steps in their advertising process.

1. Strategy. Most people boost a few posts and hope for the best. No. Just no. Let's get you a REAL strategy that optimizes your budget and gets results.

2. Budget. How much are you willing to spend? How much does it make sense to spend based on your launch goals and the price point of your program? I'll help you calculate this so that you can set a budget that you feel good about.

3. Timeline. Most people try to rush the ads for their launch. Ads are slow moving and take time to optimize. You probably need to give your ads more lead time than you think in order for them to really be effective.

4. Goals and expectations. What results are you hoping for from your ads? We'll make sure that you're crystal clear so that you can accurately gauge whether your ads worked or not. 

So, we'll address these 4 important topics in the Launch Ads Strategy Session.

You'll leave the session with...

✨ A clear timeline to start and stop your ads in order to maximize your results

✨ A budget that feels good

✨ The best, current strategy to increase your visibility during your launch and hit your goals without wasting money

✨ A checklist of your next steps so know exactly what to do to rock your launch ads


Here's how a Launch Ads Strategy Session works... 

  1. You click the button at the bottom of this page to book your session and pay online with PayPal or credit card. The cost is $222.
  2. You fill out an intake form that gives me all the important information about your business and what you most need help with in our time together.
  3. You access my online calendar to book 60-minute call.
  4. I stalk you online ;) to prepare a strategy before our call.
  5. We meet for about an hour to talk through your advertising strategy, budget and next steps. 
  6. By the end of our session, you'll have a realistic timeline, budget and strategy for your ads.
  7. After the session, I email you a checklist of everything we talked about so you know exactly what to do next to make this your best launch ever!

No more marketing overwhelm or wasting money on ads that don't work!

You might be wondering...

Is a Launch Ads Strategy Session right for me?


The answer is yes if you...

✅ Have an online program that's ready to sell

✅ Are promoting free launch content (webinar, video series, challenge etc.) and you want more visibility through ads

✅ Have tried Facebook ads before, are a student in one of my courses or have a basic understanding of ad strategy

✅ Have at least $300 to spend on advertising for your next launch


The answer is no if you...

❌ Don't have a product or service to sell yet

❌ Don't have a website 

❌ Are launching your program for the very first time. I recommend launching without ads to make sure that your sales process works before you invest in ads.

❌ Have zero experience with Facebook ads. Coaching is not for total newbies. But it's an excellent addition my Facebook ads course, Ads with Intention, so you'll want to check that out first. 

Ready to take your launch to the next level with Facebook ads?


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