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If you have ever found yourself saying...

"I know people need what I have to offer. I just don't know how to find them and connect with them."

"My services really help people. But it feels icky to try to convince people to work with me."

"I just don't feel comfortable promoting myself."

"I don't know where to start. Marketing is so confusing and overwhelming."

Then you're in the right place!

Attract Your Tribe is a membership community for soulful entrepreneurs who want to make a positive difference in the world. 

What if you...

🌟 Had a clear path to success laid out step by step

🌟Didn't have to wonder and second guess yourself about whether you were doing the "right" actions to move your business forward

🌟 Could count on a supportive community of like-minded new friends to share the ups and downs of entrepreneur life

🌟 Learned techniques to harness the power of the Universe to get your healing message out to the people who need it

It's all here for you in Attract Your Tribe!

What You Get Inside


You know that business success is more than just doing the right things and following a formula. You need support, community, accountability and a winning mindset.

You don't have to do this alone.

Facebook Ads Foundations Course

You'll learn all the basics. Strategy, budgeting, audience targeting and more. And how to set up an ad campaign that actually helps you reach your goals.

Weekly Live Calls with Delight

Every Thursday, you'll have a chance to connect with me live. We'll do hot seats, Q&A's, new content workshops and accountability implementation days.

Community Support

You'll get access to a Facebook group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are all bravely moving forward and taking risks to grow their businesses. Just like you.

Mindset + Magic

The X factor for marketing success. Your membership includes monthly energy clearing, group readings, meditations and other magical tools create more ease and flow in your work day.

I'm wowed not only by how thorough and detailed the course is, but also by how well Delight explains everything. I'm not a newbie when it comes to online business and tech but Facebook ads have really baffled me! And Delight just glides through it all seemingly effortlessly! I'm very confident that I'll be able to copy what I learn from my ads over and over again to continually increase my ROI!

- Mariaestela G.

Attract Your Tribe put my marketing efforts into motion. I had been stalled for a long time and it helped me out of that slump.

- Nicole K.


Meet Your Instructor

Hi! My name is Delight. Yes, that's my real name. My mom picked it out for me ;)

I'm a professional teacher and intuitive turned Facebook ads specialist!  I specialize in combining intuition with solid Facebook ad strategy. My goal is to help spiritually-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs become RockStars at Facebook ads so that they can shine their light all over the interwebs and connect with the people who really need their wonderful, magical, sparkly, healing services.  

I live in Denver, Colorado and I love snowboarding, camping, dogs, yoga and coffee.

A Clear Path to Success


When you join Attract Your Tribe, you'll get instant access to my Facebook Ads Foundations course.

From basic strategy to building your first ad to retargeting and making your first sale.

No more distractions and shiny object syndrome! You'll know exactly what to do and when to do it. 

Get ready to use my Facebook ads targeting system to discover where your ideal clients, customers and adoring fans like to hang out on Facebook. And then learn how to reach them with an offer they can't resist.

In this course, you will discover how to...

  • Set up the 4 phases of Facebook ads that turn a stranger into a customer
  • Build your email list with Facebook ads, fast!
  • Get started with Facebook Ads on a budget
  • Navigate your way around Facebook Ads Manager, without losing your mind
  • Set up tracking pixels and custom audiences so that you can target (and re-target) the right people
  • Monitor and understand campaign statistics, so that you don't waste all your money on your ads before you realize they were not working

My Facebook ads are going well! I've been able  to grow my email list from 86 to over 800! This course has added real value to my business!

- Adeola B.

Let's talk more about...


Inside Attract Your Tribe, we'll have one live call every Thursday. Each week will be a different type of call.

1. New Marketing Training

Every month, I'll create a new training for you about topics related to Facebook ads and online marketing.

During these calls, I'll also give you updates on changes to Facebook that could affect your ads or new features that you can test out to improve your results.

You'll get the basics of Facebook ads inside the Facebook Ads Foundations Course. When you're ready for more, I'll be adding some more advanced trainings for you.

When you join, you get access to all past trainings, including...

  • How to Launch for Free
  • Awesome Landing Pages
  • Organic List Building
  • Facebook Ads for Webinars
  • Killer Facebook Ad Copy

Upcoming trainings include:

  • Facebook Video Ads
  • Advanced Audience Targeting for your Facebook Ads
  • Advanced Reporting to Get Clear on Your Profits
  • How to Build a Facebook Live Video Funnel

Members choose the training topics, so when you join, you'll get to vote on what we cover next!

2. Implementation Work Day

This will be a chance for you to experience some accountability and community. We'll get together on Zoom to work through course materials. We'll set an intention for our time together, and then each work on our own projects. At the end, I'll have time to answer any questions that came up for you as you went through the material.

3. Q&A + Hot Seat

This is another chance for you to connect with me and ask questions. During these calls, I'll be happy to review your landing pages, ad copy and images. And also, I'll dive into analyzing your ad results data to help you decide how to move forward.

4. Group Readings

This is the most fun call of the month! I'll be pulling cards from my favorite Tarot and Oracle card decks to give you insight into your business from a whole other perspective.

BONUS = Full Moon Energy Clearing

Growing your business online can stir up a whole lot of emotions! So, every month around the full moon, we'll do a group energy clearing to release those limiting beliefs and any energy that's holding us back from reaching our potential.



My A's to all of your important Q's about Attract Your Tribe

Q: I know that Facebook ads are changing all the time. Are you going to keep the course up to date?
A: Yes. That’s a huge reason why I created this program as an ongoing membership instead of an e-course. Through the monthly calls and Facebook group, we’ll have an ongoing dialogue about changes to Facebook ads manager that affect you. I’ll also update the Facebook Ads Foundations course as needed.
Q: I'm not very tech savvy. Will this course be too overwhelming for me?
A: No. If you’ve been able to set up some online business basics like a Facebook business profile, a simple website and/or an email service provider, then you'll be able to learn Facebook ads with this course. I outline everything step by step so it's just a matter of following instructions. 
Plus, you'll have community support to answer your questions inside the members-only Facebook group.
The biggest thing holding you back would be your attitude and limiting beliefs, so start affirming to yourself, "I can totally do this." And you will.
Q: My business is pretty new and I’m just getting started with this whole online thing. Is Attract Your Tribe right for me?
A: Maybe. Facebook ads are definitely not the first thing you should be setting up when you start a business. I find that a lot of people want to dive into Facebook ads before they’re really ready and end up wasting time and money.
Here are a few questions…. Do you have a website? Do you have a product or service to sell? Do you have an account with an email service provider? Do you already have paying clients?
If the answer to most of these is yes, then I’d say come on in to Attract Your Tribe and you’ll figure the missing things out as you go.
If the answer to most of these is no, then I’d say work on those aspects first and then come and join us when you’re ready.
Q: I enrolled in a Facebook ads course in the past but I never completed it. Why should I bother to try again with this program?
A: Attract Your Tribe in not JUST an online course. When you join, you get built-in accountability and community support to help you succeed. 
A big part of success with ads is to work on your mindset and level of comfort with visibility in your business. This is something that most Facebook ads programs don't help you work through, but we'll be tackling the emotional side of starting your ads along with the tangible, step-by-step training.
Q: I have tried Facebook ads in the past but they didn't work for my business. Is it worth me investing more time and money in this program and trying again?
A: Most definitely! First, how do you know that they didn't work? I talk to so many entrepreneurs who have no clue how to analyze the results that they're getting with their ads. 
I work with clients who think everything is going wrong, but when I look at the numbers, they're actually doing just fine! 
I'll teach you how to split test efficiently and which stats are important to watch so that you can reach your goals with your ads without giving up too soon or wasting money on what's not working.

I have done a lot of training in FB ads. But this content is THE BEST I have done to date.

- Maria D.


It'll open again soon! Be the first to hear by joining the waitlist.


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